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Excercise and sports association in South-Karelia

EKLU is the regional independent promoter of variety of exercise and sports activities. The aim of all activities is to promote the wellbeing of citizens of South-Karelia by means of exercise and sports activities. This work is done in accordance with sports clubs, municipalities, educational institutions, EKSOTE (South Karelia Social and Health Care District), Regional Council of South Karelia and many more institutions. The work is carried out in accordance with EKLU’s strategy and the sports programme.


Sport clubs

Physical activity of children and young people

The aim of the EKLU's activities is to support the comprehensive development of children and young people through physical activity and to create conditions for adopting a physical active lifestyle. Our goal is to enable every child and young person to have an active day that supports the accumulation of sufficient physical activity.

We are organizing schooling, seminars and events to teachers, instructors, and children/young people. We are also implementing projects in co-operation with local and national partners.

Physical activity of adults in working places and leisure time

Sport Academy

South-Karelia Sport Academy is topsports regional network in South-Karelia. EKLU, sportclubs, schools, towns, coaches and experts work together to develope athletes and help they do their dual careers. South-Karelia Sport Academy is a part of Finnish Olympic comittee sportacademies network. Main point is to take care that daily conditions for sport are top quality and helps high performance in sport.

Office services

EKLU offers office and advertising services to member clubs including bookkeeping, printing, desinging websites and flyers/ advertisements.

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