Sport tourism international conference


Tourism and sports are two social phenomena in the 21st century that mobilize millions of people the world over. They are two sectors that complement each other and share common goals such as fostering understanding and closer relations between peoples of different cultures and lifestyles: and contributing to the promotion of peace among nations. Together, tourism and sport also represent the most powerful economic driving force of society today with enormous potential to generate a very wide range of economic spin-offs.


"Vector- Sport” CBC project together with its partners organizes international sports tourism conference on December 11, 2020, 10.00-14.30 (UTC +3). This event aims to discuss the situation on the travel markets of Russia and Finland in year 2020, disclose the concept of international sports tourism and identify the potentials for cross- border sport tourism cooperation between Russia and Finland at post- COVID -19 economic recovery.

The event will be held online and will be available to everyone. The topics for the discussion will consider the following aspects:

• What changes occurred in the tourism sector during the COVID-19 pandemic?

• How have the tourism and hospitality industry changed from the business model and strategy perspectives?

• Sport tourism, economy, and innovation in cross-border areas

• Eco tourism. The era of the responsible travelers

• Marketing strategies in sport tourism during the pandemic

• Sport events and tourism

The conference will be interesting both for businesses, operating in cross- border area, for tourists who prefer active lifestyle, tourism professionals, travel experts, sport managers, tourism researchers and other stakeholders.


Violetta Silivanenko, project manager, ESLI, 

+358 50 3410054